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Insomnia Tabs UK

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Our privacy policy changes from time to time. In order to keep abreast with any changes, we urge all users of our website to frequently review our privacy policy. Here is what you need to know about how we collect our information, what we do with the information as well additional information you should know when using our website.

The type of information collected from users of our website

When you register an account on our website, or place an order, you voluntarily furnish us with particulars such as your name, surname, email address, date of birth and your preferred point of delivery for purchases.

In addition, by visiting the online pharmacy website, we are automatically provided with information such as your computer’s IP address, information regarding the type of device you are using to access our website as well as how our website was used while you were browsing. This is also useful for enhancing user experience.

Note that all information pertaining to medical records and order history remains confidential and are only accessible by the pharmacy’s personnel.

How we use the information that we have collected

Your personal details are required in order to enable us to provide you with after sales services such as reminding you about refills. We are also able to respond to queries and notify you of requested medication or other services.

As a benefit to you and with your prior consent, we are able to send you information regarding special offers and other information that we think might be of interest to you. If you no longer wish to receive correspondence from us of this nature, you are given the option to opt out.

When is information shared?

Your information is shared with companies that assist us in ensuring that your identity is verified and in providing protection against fraud for instance.

In addition, we may be required to share your information with third parties in order to, for example, enable the third party to effect delivery of goods purchased.

If you have provided your consent for us to share your information with other companies for the purpose of marketing, we will share your information accordingly.

We may also need to share your information if we are required to do so by an act of parliament or at the request of bodies for compliance purposes.

Your protection is our priority

We have taken all reasonable steps in order to protect your information and endeavour to ensure that it is secure. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of any information sent to us or that we may send to you via the internet as there are certain risks that apply to any and all websites, by nature of the internet and e-commerce in general. We do, however, do our best to remain up to date by investing in the most advanced security features available.

Duration for which information is retained

We retain your information for the duration of time that we are legally required to do so, or for the entire duration of time for which you are our client – whichever is the longer. We are required to retain your information for compliance, in order to enforce an agreement, for order processing or to resolve disputes.

While your information is being held by us, we will endeavour to ensure that it remains secure.

You may encounter third party links on our website

Note that if you encounter a third party link on our website, you are urged to peruse the third party’s privacy and other policies for your protection as we do not necessarily agree to the website’s independent privacy policy and neither do we guarantee your safety while using the third party’s website.

Use of cookies

Cookies enable us to monitor information such as how you interact with our website and other basic browsing information, searches etc. Cookies assist us by placing small, safe files on your computer enabling us to learn more about you and your preferences. This allows for improvements in user experience, services, features and other.

Should you choose not to allow cookies, simply adjust your settings on your device.