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Insomnia Tabs UK

These are the terms and conditions applicable to users of our website. Users are bound by our terms and conditions whether the same is expressly accepted or by continuing to browse the site. It is therefore essential for all users of our website to familiarise themselves with respective terms and conditions.

Information provided on our website

We endeavour to provide information that is accurate and up to date, however we do not guarantee that all information provided on our website is accurate and current at all times. The purpose of providing users of our website with relevant information regarding the medication we offer, is for convenience and to ensure proper use and best practices. It cannot be used as a substitute for a diagnosis or treatment by a healthcare professional. In addition, users are urged to read the manufacturers leaflet accompanying the medication purchased in order to obtain comprehensive information about it.

Customer information

In order to register an account on our website, you will be required to populate fields on an online applicable form requesting your particulars – such as your email address, address for delivery, contact details and payment card details. The onus is on you to ensure that all that all the information provided to us is correct.


Our online services are available twenty-four hours a day, including weekends and public holidays. However, there may be times when our website is temporarily unavailable. This may last days or weeks. We are not obliged to advise users of the website as to how long the website will be unavailable and we will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered in consequence of the website being unavailable.

Limitation of liability

In addition to the aforementioned, we cannot be held liable for any injury or loss suffered in consequence of using items purchased on our website. By using our website and items purchased from our website, any risks that may exist pass to you.


We are absolved of liability in respect of any inaccuracies or errors on our website. Furthermore, we can, without prior notice to users of our website, update, change or alter any information provided on the website as the need may arise.

Our prices are subject to change

Note that we may change the prices of our medication at any time and without prior notice to users of our online platform.

Terms and conditions updates

The most recent version of our website’s terms and conditions of use is that which is presently displayed on your screen. The applicable terms and conditions will occasionally be revised or updated without prior notice to users of the website. The onus is on the user to frequently review our terms and conditions of use. If you fail to do so but continue to make use of our website, this amounts to an acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.

Further information

For additional information or any queries that you may have pertaining to our terms and conditions of use, kindly contact customer care for assistance